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Juggling Projects

I love to be busy, apparently.

As though work isn’t busy enough (I could work all weekend, non-stop, on the shit I get paid to do, and never break the surface of this ocean in which I’m drowning), I also remembered I have a deadline at the end of this month on a short story I started months ago. 

Today, I found another short story submission call that seems pretty interesting, due in June. You know. Pride month.

This morning, I had a dream about Max that, if it’s not completely batshit, would be an interesting plot twist. That’s two books away, after Stan’s.

I’ve also had this burning desire to re-read my fantasy series, and continue to work on those rewrites.

I. Do. Not. Have. Time.

So I’m going to continue with one project at a time. I’ll finish the short story today. I’ll keep working on edits the rest of the weekend. I’ll work out when I need a break. One nice thing about this new laptop is its portability. I may even be able to work and walk/pedal.

Enjoy your weekend! Send me your free time, if you have any.

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