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July Updates: Links, Cover Reveal, About Me

I ran four different promotions in July, which required additional links on my Links tab. I have only one promotion for August, so I'll be updating those links shortly.

The Cover Reveal for Tower of Lies is complete! Look at this cover! Look at it! Denny is perfection, the pyramid placement is *chef's kiss, and I love everything about this cover and this book. Yes, even Davri. His scenes turned out better than I'd hoped.

In my Author Bio/About Me, I've updated my pronouns to she/they and my gender to enby (nonbinary). I am still a dog mom (mostly - parent when they're behaving badly?), and my husband's wife/pretty much anything else he wants to call me, but I have never been, and at this age, will never be, a woman. It took a fight with Bette Midler on Twitter for me to discover this. (No, she doesn't know we were fighting. She doesn't know I exist.) I might blog about this more, but for now, it's a minor pronoun change and don't call me a woman. Sprite? Sure. Nymph? Only if they can be ace (I don't know, so I'd ask first). Terror? You bet. Lady? You really haven't met me, but that's better than woman.

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