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June Updates

Overview: Hives of Sorrow Cast, Tower of Lies Blurb, Links Page

It's mid-June, which means it's almost time for the Hives of Sorrow release on June 24! I've added pronunciation keys to the cast of characters and places in the Farbonnur Elves FAQ. I've also added the working blurb for Tower of Lies. (I'm still awful at blurbing, so if you all have suggestions, email me!)

I've also added a links page for the "link in bio" bs on Instagram. I'll update it with new stuff as needed. If you'd prefer to set it as a bookmark and check back each month, I'll be participating in new Bookfunnel promotions from now until forever, and those links will be there!

I've created some new promotional tools this month! I can't get enough of these arrow diagrams on Canva!

Here's one for Hives of Sorrow:

And here's one for the Farbonnur Elves series!

I also made one for Pika Perfect for Pride month!

Coming in July: The Tower of Lies cover reveal (it's my favorite, and yes, I'm allowed to have favorites!!!), more graphics, and an update on where we're at with Tree of Secrets and Demon of Darkness.

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