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Just Another Day

T.S. Eliot wrote that April is the cruelest month. I understand his reasoning: the outside world reflects rebirth while he would rather mourn. However, I fucking love spring, no matter who I’m mourning. I lost my beloved grandma in March of 2007, and I still cherished the warmer weather in April.

I would argue that February is the cruelest month with its stupid holiday for “love.” February is the month my ex tried to kill me after I found a Valentine’s Day present for another girl in his dorm room. All April did was be warm(er) and green(ish). February is fucking evil.

Lemur and I have spent eighteen Valentine’s Days together. He has never gotten me a Valentine’s Day gift, or card, or any other shit to celebrate Cupid. Before you call him a bad husband, this is MY REQUEST. Valentine’s Day is just another day. Granted, so is my birthday, and he usually takes me to dinner. Not today. It’s fucking cold today.

There is one good thing in February: Lemur’s birthday. It’s at the end of February, so we know we’ve made it through the cruelest month when it’s time to celebrate him. I celebrate him every day, but most especially this month. Every day in February reminds me that I’m lucky to be alive, and so lucky to find my Lemur.

For those of you who do celebrate this crazy holiday, I leave you with a Slightly Mad Valentine.

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