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Just Keep Writing ...

Keep writing.

This is where my brain is right now. I HATE this vampire story, but I have to keep writing it or there's no way I'll finish on time, and if it's not finished, I won't be able to edit it into something better.

I must keep writing.

But I hate it.

I also hate marketing, but it's time to market Medium to Well for preorder. In all the reading/editing/rewriting, I didn't think to snag fun quotes for marketing purposes. Now I need to go fishing for fun lines so I can put together some teaser images. Then, I need to craft those images with the teasers.

Honestly, as much as I hate marketing, I like crafting images. Maybe if I use creating an image as a reward for every 1,000 words, both the story and the marketing will get done today.

Here's the fun series logo Cate Ashwood made for Haunted Hollywood Ever Afters! I don't know when I'll get to book two, but with this, I'm already thinking about it!

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