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Leaving on a Jet Plane

My bag’s not packed. I haven’t made my final round of Pokestops, either, so my virtual bag isn’t even packed. I’m SO not ready to go. I have a huge project for work that I wanted to finish tomorrow.

I also wanted to work from home. It’s hard to work from home with dudes banging on the side of your home office. The siding guys showed up today. I swear, we asked for this two years ago. Couldn’t they at least wait until I was gone?! Nope. Arrived today, finishing tomorrow. See y’all at work, yo.

I also made plans back in July to rule YCon. I made a hair appointment so Alejandro would be on his best behavior. (Alejandro is my poofy ‘fro.) I didn’t get an email over the weekend asking me to confirm, so I called them today. They scheduled my appointment for October. OCTOBER. Alejandro and I will be sporting the pirate dreads instead of braids again this year. Next year, I’m scheduling the fucking appointment for September in JANUARY and then hounding them the rest of the year to make sure they get it right.Yes, I’m that bitch. You disappoint me once, I’m going to hold you accountable. Do it a second time: fuck off and get out of my life. I love my stylist. The rest of her staff are a tad bit…irritating.

Speaking of irritating, I’ve had about all of the unplanned drama I can stand. Attention all drama bullshit wanting to happen at the airport, at the convention, in the shuttle, on Uber rides, or anywhere else drama bullshit happens: DON’T. This is a no drama bullshit zone this weekend. I mean it. Nobody’s got time for that.

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