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Letter from Quarantine - April 18

Dear friends, I hope this letter finds you well. Well or unwell, I'm offering virtual (((HUGS))). Those are the only kinds of hugs I like, anyway. I was made for this!

Our governor still hasn't shut down our state, so while I say I'm in quarantine, I'm grateful I work for a company that allows me to work from home while Lemur continues to go into the world every day. Honestly, even if she did shut it down, Lemur's job is considered essential (he makes animal vaccines), so he would be going to work regardless. There is a huge PPE shortage in our state, and his company is running out of essential masks, gloves, and gowns to do their jobs.

I had a lot of meetings at the day job this week. While I am a good listener, I realized I miss the feedback from seeing people's faces. Everyone is so used to not using video that, even though they now say we can, we're not. Everyone is also used to rolling out of bed and coming to work, so they're not exactly dressed for video. I still get up at four with Lemur and the dogs. I haven't changed my morning routine at all. Coffee, shower, walk instead of commute, go up the stairs (and down the stairs) to equate the four flights of stairs at work, and then start my day at the "office."

After work, my brain is still fried. I seem to have hit a snag on my current work in progress. I have a working title, "New Year's Sobriety," but I don't even know what I'm going to call this thing. Pika Perfect was easy - I had the title before I wrote a single word, which is rare for me. Names and titles are the hardest part.

The New Year's book itself is slow going - I can't get more than three-hundred words written in a twenty-minute time block. I haven't lived with the story in my head for years like I did with Medium to Well, and I haven't done the full snowflake outline, either. I'm writing from a generic enemies-to-lovers trope builder, using it to plan out the chapters and hoping I keep it under 40,000 words (Ha. Right now, I'd be pleased with 10k). I hope to get back into it today.

In case you missed the posts on Working Stiffs (here and here) and the update to Coming Soon (scroll past Pika Perfect - it's still "coming soon," with no date), check them out! Working Stiffs will be released on May 1, International Workers' Day. All proceeds go to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

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Happy reading and take care!

<3 Edie

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