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Letter from Quarantine: Level 2

There's a lot about this week I just can't tell you. I'll stick to the highlights and hope I don't get fired.

My place of employment (#dayjob) has returned everyone to work from home, hence the title of this post. Yep. That's about all I can say about that.

The second person I know who's contracted the virus is now on a ventilator after spending two weeks in the hospital. It's family, so I shouldn't say much about that, either. I'm sending all the healing vibes I have. I hope it's enough.

I really wanted to visit my parents this weekend, but I have a sore throat. Playing the "Is it COVID or is it allergies?" game sucks. I will be staying home and taking it easy, which means I need to get some writing work done.

It's almost August, which means I need to find a new cover for "Quality Assured." I also need to figure out where it should live next: Amazon, my website, or BookFunnel freebie. If you have ideas, let me know.

Since I haven't written a damn thing since Monday, I plan to edit my short story "The Arena" this weekend. Maybe I'll get the urge to write so I won't have to edit. #procrastinationgoals

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