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  • Edie Montreux

Letters to Myself

It's so hard to find inspiration to write blog posts. I have almost seventy followers on my Facebook page (Hey, only 24 on my old page, so I'm not complaining at all), and only 4 people have read my Saturday blog (besides me, checking views four times).

I've had a lack of motivation this summer. I hope cooler weather and my favorite season (autumn) will get me back into my writing groove. I've told myself all summer I'm going to submit my first full-length contemporary novel. I haven't even found the words to write the synopsis yet (and I've been working on it a little bit each week for a month!).

If you read my blogs, please share one topic you'd like me to cover. If you don't read my blogs, please tell me one blog you would read if I wrote it.

Until then, I'll be over here writing letters to myself.

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