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Lost My Voice

I’ve lost my voice.

I’m not talking party-girl voice, or laryngitis, or any physical malady.

I’ve lost my blog voice.

I’ve been writing Al and Denny for eight days straight, and I don’t even know what to say about anything that isn’t elf-related. I’ve also been dealing with a bit of family shit, which doesn’t belong in my blog.

Last week, I received a daunting task from my beta: my characters, including Al and Denny, don’t have distinct voices. Al’s voice is mine–he’s a princess like me. Denny…well, Denny avoids contractions and peppers his sentences with Rovingian. Except he probably didn’t start with the Rovingian until he started teaching Al to speak it, in book 2.

Taking back my own voice after spending so long trying to make them distinct would only cause problems. I apologize for the short blog post. I appreciate your patience with me while I rewrite.

Oh, you’re not patient? Too bad.

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