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Love Me

I'm feeling very cat-like at the moment. Don't touch me, but love me, dammit. I've got free stuff out there to read, and nobody's clicking the links. The emails are probably going to spam/trash/promotion and people forget there was an incentive: free M/M contemporary or fantasy romance short stories.

Here's another chance: subscribe to my newsletter for a chance to read one of these adorable little stories.

Are you a Pokemon Go fan? Have you been waiting for a free short M/M Romance about two players who find love through a cute phone app? "Gotta Catch Him" is for you! Select Contemporary from the confirmation email.

Halloween is almost here! Do you love spiders? I mean, love-love spiders? So does David, a half-giant who rescues Mythical Beasts. Check out my free short fantasy M/M romance/spider erotica, "David and Goliath." Select Fantasy from the confirmation email.

See Giveaways for more information on the stories, or subscribe and read them!

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