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Lowest Scum in History

I'm having (another) down day. I feel pretty shitty about sending Lemur out into the world without taking any of the risk on myself. I'm doing my part, yes, but my part is NOTHING. I'm doing nothing. I am the lowest scum in history.

I've been home since March 18. Except for trips around the yard with the dogs, I haven't gotten in the car, walked down the block, or left my property. If you're wondering why I haven't sent any Pokemon gifts, it's because I ran out and I don't have a Pokestop nearby.

Not only am I not going anywhere, I'm also not doing the epic things I see folks doing online. While I'm keeping up with 500+ words per day, I'm not going to hit any kind of NaNoWriMo goal for Camp with those numbers. I'm trying to keep up with work-work (that stuff they pay me to do). I have little brain left for much else.

I know I should be grateful. I'm not sick. I've still got a job and I'm working. My bills are getting paid. There's food at the grocery store. People who care about me check in every once in awhile to make sure I'm still here.

I am here, friends. I'm just full of self-loathing.

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