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Making Words Happen

I spaced the blog this weekend. I give zero fucks. Zero. In the past five days, someone tried to listen in on my conversations with Samsung Voice, tried to hack into my long-dead Facebook account, and probably charged some bullshit to my credit card. Oh, and a creepy guy at the airport pointed his phone at me (45 degree angle) the entire time I was eating a sandwich, and then went back to looking at it from a 90 degree angle when I finished. If you see a video of a girl eating a sandwich at an airport, it’s probably me.

I may never leave my house again, let alone travel.

Also in the last five days, I finished a story rewrite and wrote a new short story for Gus Li’s Foxtober event! I saw two of my favorite people in the whole world, and got to visit one of my favorite places in the world. I talked shop with Angel Martinez, and met Facebook Friend Catherine Dair in person, which was awesome! I shared Uber pools with some amazing people and made a friend from the convention on the way to the airport (and failed to give her my business card because I’m an idiot). For my final trip out of the house, ever, it was a good one.

So, tradeoff for never leaving my house again: I will make words happen.

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