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March Updates and Promotions

The Luck of the Irish has been with me this month! Circles of Light is out to betas, Hives of Sorrow is rolling along nicely, Tower of Lies is going to be the longest reverse harem-ish orgy you've ever read in your life, and I can't wait to introduce Murcori in Tree of Secrets. (That's right, Faraki's mate is Murcori. Bulsari didn't have the same ring to it, but believe me, he will also make an appearance. If you hate my Freddie Mercury references, please see yourself out.)

For this month's website updates, I've added the blurb for Circles of Light and a hint of the cover image. I will preview the cover on Instagram one square at a time later this month, so please come join in the fun and follow along as I slowly learn how Instagram works. My bestie has challenged me to make a reel with the blurb info, and I may or may not be ignoring that request. The one thing I know is going to happen is I'm going to find a karaoke version of "You Can Call Me Al." Be afraid, folks.

I have some awesome promotions going on this month! If you love M/M romance book bundles and short story anthologies, the M/M Book Bundles promotion is ongoing through the end of March! My nazi-fighting environmental activist vampires in Uncertain Future are part of this deal - the sale is over, but they are always free on Kindle Unlimited! Another of my favorites is Kasia Bacon's The Order Collection -- so, so good!

If the enemies to lovers trope is more your style, check out this great promotion: M/M Enemies to Lovers. It just went live today! I've included New Year Not You. One of my favorites, Jay Northcoate's Stuck with You, includes being snowed in over the holidays with only one bed! This promotion goes through March 28, so be sure to pop over there before it's over!

Next month, we'll have the full cover reveal for Circles of Light (DENNY!!!). The release date is April 29, but you can preorder any time you'd like!

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