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May Updates: Hives of Sorrow cover and Content Warnings

Hello, my lovlies! I've made several changes to the website this month, along with writing Tree of Secrets, book 5 in the Farbonnur Elves series. It's got a sentient tree, a dragon queen, and a risen blood demon. Once I'm done with the 6-book series, I'll begin work on a Medium to Well sequel. Join my Facebook group to vote on who you want Nana Nguyen to haunt next! (The surveys are pinned to the top.)

I also made a new promotional image for Medium to Well! If you don't follow me on social media (or even if you do), you may have missed it:

Have you seen Alvarick on the cover of Hives of Sorrow? No? Here's your chance! I love these covers so much! Natasha Snow did an amazing job on all of them, but Tower of Lies is probably my favorite - stay tuned!

The preorder for Tower of Lies is up. Watch for the cover reveal in mid-July for the August 26 release.

I've added a Content Warnings page to my M/M Flavors dropdown. If it's not complete for my blog or a particular book, please let me know:

I've made some updates to the look and feel of the home page to coincide with updates to my Facebook and Twitter profiles. It may look strange on your phone - once I can take a decent selfie again (haven't had a haircut since December and Alejandro is out of control!!!), I'll update (again). Until then, I swear I'm a real person.

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