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Meanwhile, Back at Camp…

Here’s a list of ten things that have happened in the two weeks I’ve been reminiscing about gaming, in no order of importance. These are not even in chronological order because it’s NaNoWriMo and I’m a pantser this time around, not an outliner…

1) I didn’t get that job for which I printed all the things. Everything happens for a reason, so I’m not too upset about it. I fear the unknown as much as they do, and while they may have found me a perfect fit to their team, they may have also found me completely unbearable. People either love me, or they hate me. I will just chalk up my craptastic interviewing skills to a “Happy Accident,” that saved me for my dream job.

2) Yesterday was my friend Rod’s birthday. His wife is no longer speaking to me, which means I no longer speak to either of them. It’s respect: I don’t want her to have a relationship with Lemur when she’s not speaking to me, so I don’t speak to Rod, even though he was my friend first. Rules of friendship fail: they’re not like parley. More like the Necronomicon.

Happy Birthday, Rod. You will always be the guy in the tall, stripy hat, and I will always be the girl who looked like Katie. I still love you guys.

3) I’ve been thinking about my grandma a lot lately. She would have been 103 this year. She was an amazing woman and I aspire to be like her every day. Her favorite saying was, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I’ve tried, and failed on many occasions, but I still try.

4) I’m also failing at NaNoWriMo. I have 12,101 words written on the new story. Today is the 18th. I should have at least 30.006. I’m keeping track of my story notes and where my word count should be in One Note–look at me, I’m organized! (Totally quoting Anya because I want to distract you from my shitty word count.)

5) I’m only 12,000 words in and already wrote my first sex scene in this book. That means within eight hours of boarding the pirate ship, my MC is fucking the captain. My elves took forever to “make love.” (Puke–I love them, but puke.) My contemporary boys waited half the book (D-Rex played hard to get). This time I’m going for the “fuck him until you love him” approach. Come on, you know guys do that in real life, so why not on a magical pirate ship?

6) It snowed. It FUCKING SNOWED! In IOWA! In NOVEMBER! Er Mah Gerd! Noes!

7) Supernatural‘s 200th episode (you know, the musical) happened. I promised I’d dish. I loved it. They made fun of the fandom without totally alienating the shippers. They made us laugh. They made some people cry. I was not one of those people, for once. What can I say? Wrong time of the month, and nobody got his heart stomped on (*cough* Damon–Vampire Diaries is killing me). The conversation about “Destiel vs. “Deastiel” and “Casdean” was hilarious. The writers are back, my friends. This season has all the laughs that last season lacked. I suppose their reasoning is, “Metatron wrote season 9, and he’s a dick.” My only complaint? I MISS CROWLEY.

8) I FINISHED A BOOK! See what I mean about order of importance? This is the best thing that’s happened in the last two weeks: Breaking All the Rules has ALL THE WORDS. Now I need to edit it, get it before some betas, and then shop, shop, shop it. Oh, and buy and drink a bottle of Moet and Chandon because I can’t keep “Moet for every day” in my pretty cabinet for long. Freddie said so. If it’s Moet for every day, I suppose I need a bottle of Cristal for my first publishing contract…and my contract would most likely pay for the fucking champagne, and nothing else. Hey, I’m an optimist–at least I said it would pay for the Cristal. That shit’s expensive.

9) So…this happened:

I figured out how to embed something in my blog! But seriously, this is despicable. If you can’t link to the video, Ms. Toni Aleo received an e-mail from a reader, stating that her book, Laces and Lace was one of the best so far.  However, after reading the book, the reader became disgruntled for paying $4.99 for the book on Amazon, where $1 went to a pediatric cancer fund. Due to the huge loophole in Amazon’s e-reader return policy, the reader returned the book for a full refund.

Most of my friends on my personal FaceBook page are writers, and one of them dropped me after I posted a link to this video. To his or her credit, I suppose I shouldn’t have stated that I purchased the book to make it right, and posted a link to the Amazon page for anyone else who also wanted to buy the book. I’m not twisting your arm to buy the book by putting a link above, by the way. I have links because I’m considerate like that.

Did my friend break our connection because I promoted a book I don’t intend to read, at least, not any time soon? Or is my friend the type of person who would return a read book to Amazon? Either way, good riddance, and fuck off.

10) I shamed myself into working out in October, and I’ve kept it up for over half of November. It’s way too cold outside, so I’ve been doing the treadmill at least twice a week and recumbent bike at least once a week. I might even work out all five days this week. I will see my family next week, so I’ve got to keep this a ten.

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