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Medium to Well Blurb

I can't wait to share my first new release in over a year with you all! Medium to Well is a paranormal M/M romance of the spirit variety. It was such a blast to write! Ash and Kenny are perfect for each other, once they resolve some unfinished spirit business. Here's the blurb, coming to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited on August 17:

Ash Barrett is a scientist. He believes in facts. But even he has to admit something supernatural is happening in his apartment. The ghost of his dead fiancé wants something from him. Ash needs reinforcements to figure out what.
Kenny Nguyen, late-night talk show host of Medium to Well, is in the business of helping people finish theirs--of the unfinished and spirit variety. He's seen it all, but Ash's deceased love has one of the most outrageous requests Kenny's heard in a while. He'd say no, except Ash is gorgeous, kind, and willing to do anything to lay his fiancé's spirit to rest.
If Kenny accepts a ghostly indecent proposal, could Ash still want a relationship after? And for a man who believes in science, can Ash trust what he can't see and take a chance at love?
Medium to Well is a 50k word paranormal M/M Romance between a haunted marine biologist and a television personality who talks to spirits for a living. This book contains ghostly shenanigans, malevolent spirits and poltergeists who find a change of heart, therapy and grief counseling, a grumpy old mentor, and a hauntingly Hollywood happily ever after.

I'll post the pre-order soon - watch my Amazon author page! The cover reveal will be July 14 with Joyfully Jay! Until then, enjoy this gorgeous Pacific sunset:

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