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Memorial Day Weekend "Travel"

COVID times are ending with a bang this weekend, according to all the pandemic record-breaking travel news. People are leaving the confines of home as fast as they can. You'd think they'd been trapped for the last fifteen months or something.

I'm still not ready to travel. For one, I'm not ready to people. I'm going to see my game family in a few weeks, and that's going to be the most people I've seen in one room since the pandemic started. They asked if I wanted to share my birthday pie. I do not, in fact, want to share my birthday pie. I had pie all to myself last year, delivered to my door, and it was glorious. For the good of the group, I have agreed to share. See? Peopling is hard.

For those of you also staying home, books are a great way to leave the house by going nowhere. The imagination is a wonderful tool.

You can hop time and space with Spread Your Wings. The book opens in Sarajevo, February 1992, and travels to London for the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert on April 20. Then, it's on to Atlanta, where Sammy and Mustafa find each other again over Memorial Day weekend.

If you prefer camping in the rugged Grand Tetons, you'll love Blaze and Paul in Pika Perfect. You'll have to wait a few more days, but you can preorder now for a little vacation on your device on June 15! Here's a taste of the wolf 'hood:

If you're one of the brave souls heading out into the world this weekend, stay safe, look both ways before crossing the street (people seem to have forgotten both how to walk and how to drive), and post plenty of nature or architecture pics. You could post pictures of you, too, but if those pictures are of you standing in line, or of giant crowds, I'm going to scroll by - even an image of a crowd makes me cringe.

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