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Monday Progress Report

Happy Monday (heh)! I sent out my outline and short story as planned, and then wrote zero words on my work in progress. I did start outlining the first Farbonnur Elves book, though, so that's a little bit of progress on the writing front.

In other news, I had a lovely Zoom meeting with my Bestie and helped Lemur take down a huge branch from a tree leaning so far into our back yard the fence folks had to cut around it last year. Now, we get to go into our neighbor's yard and take down the rest of it so the fence guys can replace the two cut panels.

Lemur also found a charge from Hulu on my credit card. The Hulu I thought I cancelled in November after my thirty-day free trial. It's cancelled now. It pays to check your credit card statements, friends.

I'm still reading White Fragility and listening to Michelle Obama read Becoming on Audible. Afterward, I plan to read something fun before I dive back into anti-racism.

Depending how far I get with the Farbonnur outline, I might write LGBTQ+ fantasy for awhile before I return to m/m contemporary. I miss my fantasy world, and right now, it seems more inviting than the real world. Everything is trying to kill my elves in Farbonnur, but that seems to be a little more cut and dried than our current uncertainty.

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