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Mowing on Tuesday

Mowing on Tuesday means I didn't come up with an idea for this blog post. I was mowing. When I mow, I sing songs to myself and wonder if there's still a homeless person on the other side of our back privacy fence. Today's song, "Life Goes On," by The Beatles.

Mowing on Tuesday means I logged off work on time today. I walked while I waited for Lemur to get home so could get enough steps in. If I didn't get my steps, I would feel like a complete failure today, so crisis averted.

Mowing on Tuesday means I am probably not going to get 500 words of new fiction written tonight. I'll need to write 1000 tomorrow. That means I also need to get to bed early tonight or I won't have the energy to write that much tomorrow. I know, 500 words isn't much, but it's my goal and I hate not even managing that much.

I dislike mowing on Tuesday. Sometimes it can't be helped.

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