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My Opinion Counts?

In case you haven’t heard, Blogger renounced their policy change yesterday.

“We’ve received lots of feedback about making a policy change that impacts longstanding blogs, and about the negative impact this could have on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities.
We appreciate the feedback. Instead of making this change, we will be maintaining our existing policies.”

While that’s great, I’ve spent a lot of time updating a new website this week. I love creating websites and tinkering with code. I’m not going to take down my new site. You never know when Blogger will change their minds and decide that I’m too inappropriate and delete my content.

I am grateful for the quick response of so many other bloggers. I didn’t stop Google. They did.

I was not one of the vocal minority, clamoring for my voice to be heard. I was going to quietly sneak out the back door and take my content with me. I had no idea that Google would actually listen.

The idea was ridiculous, anyway. Do they not have bloggers from other countries? England and Europe have entirely different views on nudity than we do. However, as one of my peers pointed out on RRW, if Google has outsourced the people watching for vulgar content, the decision to delete content and privatize a blog could be made by someone from another country, whose moral compass may differ greatly from the blog creator’s.

I’m crass. I’m vulgar. I’m crazy. I’m hilarious, at times.

People in my own country often don’t get me, so how do you expect other nations to deal?

Dear Google: If you search for commercial pr0n* on my site, you won’t find it. Pr0n is a joke to me, and while I think it’s funny to watch (it seems so absurd–“Let’s fuck to make money!”), I won’t be posting it here. I will be posting amusing memes that may look like pr0n ads, but there are no links. I will be posting links to what may be considered erotica, from time to time, by posting buy links on Amazon. It’s the person’s choice to buy it, not mine. (If I’m posting a link, chances are I’ve already bought it.)

*Why do I call it pr0n? One of my writerly friends uses this on Facebook, because (according to her) the actual term results in new and disgusting pop-ups on your feed. No, thanks. Even so, searching for it, (I was searching for a funny meme, if you must know) hooked me up with the real thing. Yuck.

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