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Name Changers

I'm deep into edits for Stone of Power. I'm not great at generating fantasy names, and this is such a big cast spanning several books. When my most-trusted beta says there are entirely too many V names, some of those names get changed. The main god and the citadel he founded are now Celasti/Celastes. I thought I would also have to change the religion/blood mage cult name to something other than Veneration of Light, but we kept that one.

I've also had a request to add a cast of characters and a map. I'm horrible at drawing on the best of days, and I can't find a map-making site that fits what I need (or maybe it does, but it's so unintuitive I gave up). I'm hoping one of my superfans will decide this world needs a map and chart it out for me:

Abilwyn is in the northeast, where the mouth of the Twarn River meets the Middle Ocean (which surrounds this entire landmass). Follow the river west for two weeks, and you'll find Dovington. One day west, there's the source of the river in the foothills of the mountains and a lake created by the Celastes shield wall, which is a circular dome over the glass pyramid tower of Velastes. Velastes sits in a valley between the foothills and the Steel Mountains, which resemble the backbone of the landmass. Straight south of Dovington for a week on horseback is the former human city of Zammattau, nothing more than a bloody battleground by the time our heroes arrive. Somewhere to the west of Zammattau sits the rumored elven citadel of Elsinor, though even the elves think it's a legend now. Another day's ride south, the land narrows so that you can see water on both sides, a narrow bridge between Farbonnur and Rovinge. North of the land bridge sits Farbonnur Bay, a seedy port city. South of the land bridge spans the free land of Rovinge. The citadel of Rovinge is an ocean port directly south of Abilwyn as the kite flies. To the southwest of Rovinge is an island called Palindos. The empty haven't reached them. Yet.

Characters are much easier to handle. Here is the cast of Stone of Power, not in the order of their appearance (some are only mentioned in passing):

Abilwi: Founding god of Abilwyn. Now resides in realm of souls.

Al/Alvari of Abilwyn/(Alvarick is used throughout the rest of the series, but not in this book): Not born yet, elf of Velden's true dream, son of Valorias, Davri's brother.

Amara: Tiny scary human woman, has visions, certain she will be in a relationship with King Korgon by book's end.

Celasti: Founding god of Celastes. Now resides in realm of souls.

Davri: Dead EmpiriVelastes, son of Valorias, Al's brother. Valorias transferred his power to Velden. Was madly in love with Llawani before he met Gerlix.

Eldrich: Human magic user, current king's physician, former student of Elsinor. Thinks Julian is a scoundrel and a horrible physician, and yet, strangely alluring.

Faraki: Dashalin elf exiled from Celastes with Velden. Valorias convinced him his true bond is waiting for him in Elsinor, but he hasn't been able to find it after the last century of looking. One of the last surviving Dashalin elves from Dovington, along with Llawani.

Esher: High Devout of Abilwyn. Head of the Veneration of Light. Blood mage who, until recently, harvested infants at the annual harvest festivals.

Filvane: King's advisor. Brother to Esher and Gerlix, blood mages who attempted to resurrect the demon Huroth from the realm of dreams a century ago.

Gerlix: Dead blood mage. Velden killed him, resulting in his exile from Celastes.

Huroth: Blood demon, trapped in realm of dreams by Valorias.

Julian: Human, former magic user, former king's physician, Underground surgeon. Thinks Eldrich is hot and haughty, which may or may not be a good combination.

Karl: Dead king of Farbonnur. Poisoned.

Korgon: Present king of Farbonnur. Poisoned. May recover, according to Amara.

Leath: Human. Head of the Dovington Underground. Amara's brother. In a relationship with Tomen.

Llawani: Celastes tower elf. Velden's adopted brother. One of the last surviving Dashalin elves from Dovington, along with Faraki. In love with Davri.

Rovingi: Founding god of Rovinge. Now resides in realm of souls.

Serenas: Mortal elf. Velden's sister. Lives with their parents in Celastes (mortal elves don't age beneath the shield wall).

Tomen: Human. In a relationship with Leath. Returned to the Underground two weeks prior to the beginning of the story with no memory of how to pass through the gate. Catatonic since then.

Valorias: Elven goddess of dreams. With the power of the Dashalin gods, she traps the demon Huroth in the realm of dreams between the realm of souls and the realm of the living. Head of Celastes tower. Mother to Davri and Alvari.

Velden: Elf with weakest amount of Dashalin power in Celastes' tower. Exiled from the tower to fulfill Valorias's prophecy. Carries Davri's power in a tattoo/ward on his chest. Only surviving Dashalin elf from Rovinge, making him the EmpiriRovinge. Founding head of the Rovingian Kites, a band of mercenaries who hunt the roaming empty eyes of Huroth. Acting EmpiriCelastes. Had a true dream of Al when he was young.

I would like to note that I have not named two characters James Royce, or, when they marry, James Royce-Royce, as in Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall. I thank you for applauding my foresight on that decision. Also, that would probably be gimmick or copyright infringement, and I can't afford to get sued.

I'll be working on the term glossary for Saturday - stay tuned!

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