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Blogging two days in a row is hard. We also have to mow. Then, I get to write three pages for The Artist’s Way, transcribe another section of a short story from notebook to laptop, and exercise/lift.

In case the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, I am not participating in National Novel Writing Month this year. I wanted to share in the most in-your-face fuck-you way possible. You’re welcome.

If blogging two days in a row is hard for me, can you imagine how difficult it would be to sit down and write (at least) 1667 words a day? I have a novel idea, but I lack the desire and brain power to write it right now. I’m still working on short stories. I have some hefty work to do on story arc before I get back to writing novels.

Happy National Novel Writing Month to my WriMo friends–I know you will succeed!!! One of my friends hit 10k already. You know who you are. Guess which meme will award your efforts! (In reviewing my Freddie blogs, I noticed I use this one A LOT)

That goes for all of you WriMos! Good luck! (And no, I’m not using King George sarcasm, but I know why you’d ask.)

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