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National Coming Out Day

Last year around this time, I watched Ash Beckham explaining that everyone has a closet, and everyone is hiding something in that closet. This was one of the most powerful messages I’ve ever seen because it’s true. 

We all have secrets. We all have the self we project in public and the self that stays locked behind closed doors. I have tons of shit in my closet that most people will never know, and sometimes they don’t understand the frame of reference because they just don’t know me that well, and they never will.

I’m a rape survivor.

I’m a domestic abuse survivor.

I’m just a girl, but the voices in my head have always been male.

I’m a princess with a day job and a writing habit.

I’m an ally and I write LGBT fiction.

This is the stuff buried in the back of my closet, the stuff I’ve only shared with my best friends and my Pride group at work. It’s hard work leading two lives, and it is stressful. Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed at all, but I do because I might run into one of my Pride peeps that day. Some days, they are all that keeps me going.

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