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New Inspiration

This blog post brought to you by another Vertalis question: Who or what could be a new source of inspiration this year?

I had two writing courses in my Udemy shopping cart, but I decided to purchase the one I'd added awhile back while I was taking the (incredibly outdated - be sure to check the course date before you buy) Dreamweaver course: How to Draw and Sketch for Absolute Beginners. As a web designer, I'm expected to draw wireframes, to sketch out what a page could look like. Now, I do this using Dreamweaver: I build the template without content to show the basic design of the page. This works, for the most part, but what if we used Whiteboard during intake meetings instead? How could I display early thoughts of what a page could look like with stakeholders and answer preliminary questions without a huge email chain of design conversations afterward?

I know what you're going to say: Drawing on a virtual whiteboard program is a lot different from what I'll be learning in this course. You're right. However, I need some basics before I can even attempt to draw with a mouse.

Drawing is not my thing. My projects in art class were always abstract, even when they were supposed to be realistic. My university general education art course was half writing, half art. I passed because I completed all assignments, not because they were good.

One of my friends is drawing a comic. He even does online sessions where people can watch him draw, color, etc.. He's so good, and he makes it look easy. I envy him, but I also know this course won't even get me close to his level.

I'll never be a professional artist, but I might be able to sketch a quick wireframe or two. If I'm able to draw a cartoon elf by the end of this course, extra bonus, but don't hold your breath waiting for sketches.

Learning new things is always my greatest inspiration. What's your new source of inspiration this year?

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