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No Win November


At this point, I must concede I won’t be winning National Novel Writing Month’s challenge of 50k in 30 days. I’ve written at least 50k this month, but only 32,144 of them was on my NaNo novel.

Yes, I have three days left. Yes, I could sit my ass down and pound out the words. Unfortunately, work, sleep, exercise, and dogs also need to happen. Words will have to wait until this weekend.


Unfortunately, this is true Monday-Thursday.

I congratulate all of you winners for being awesome writers and burning through your word goals. I’m still hoping the universe will grant me the means to write full time. Then, I’d have no problem wording every day and meeting monthly goals. Until then, I’m still plugging away at my rewrite and hoping it’s better this time.

Meanwhile, I’m the worst at marketing. I don’t know how to market my book. I’ve shared it on social media. That’s about it. Korben Dallas PLEASE HALLLLP.


If you have suggestions, please email me or contact me on Facebook. I will take all the advice I can get.

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