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Nobody Panic...

I might be sick. It's either my normal Monday morning happening on Tuesday afternoon, a stomach bug, or food poisoning. With all the lengthy hand-washing I'm doing to avoid the Coronavirus, I'm more apt to believe I ate something, like some e-coli with the last of the spinach last night. It hit me today at about 1:45 p.m. when I was getting ready to meet with my mentor.

I sweated through the meeting and ducked out right at time. Then I had to do the thing I hate more than anything in the whole world. Friends, I had to do the poo at work.

The bathroom has ten stalls. One of them was occupied, and stayed occupied, while I tried to pee, failed, and washed my hands. I managed to hold it all in, scurry upstairs to drop off my meeting paraphernalia, and run back downstairs. Thankfully, the bathroom was empty the second time. I unleashed hell on a poor, unsuspecting toilet.

Now it's time to state the obvious: you now know too much gross personal stuff about me. For that, I am sorry.

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