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None of Your Business

I’ve deleted two attempts at this blog in the last fifteen minutes.

One was going to be about a frustration I have with people telling me they’re going to do something they could have completed in the time it took to tell me, and then not doing it. I had a couple of memes picked out, and then I decided I don’t really want to get into it. It’s work-related, and I don’t want to talk about work.

The next topic was going to be about the side-effects of Versed (n.), something I learned last week after an invasive procedure, one I don’t want to discuss on my blog.

I’m in a bad fucking mood, and the reason is none of your fucking business. I need to lift, exercise, and finish two more scenes so I can call this rewrite done. If I don’t finish tonight, I’m going to hate myself again tomorrow.

Or I’ll just find another reason to hate myself. And, again, it will be none of your business.

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