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Not a Poem

I was going to write a poem about April being a cruel month, and the rest of the year decomposing into chaos and horror. I was going to call it “The Wasteland.” I chose to scrap that depressing idea. You’re welcome.

I realized this week (okay, years ago, but moreso this week) I absolutely hate talking about me. I keep sitting in the most socially awkward seat in the room. If there is one, I will find it. I ran away from my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss today. That won’t come back to bite me or anything…

Don’t worry – I’ve also been writing. I am still working on the first draft of a Farbonnir prequel (I wrote myself out of a submission, but it’s in Farbonnir!). I’m also working on a second chance edit. I’m so grateful for the opportunity. At the same time, it’s daunting to work on something you thought finished, and hope they like the second version better.

Enough about me. What’s new with you?

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