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Not My Best Work

I just wrote a whole blog that I can’t even post. Eminem would be proud. You’re not getting my best work today. My best work bared my soul in a way that I’m not comfortable to share. Not yet, but soon, my friends. Soon.

For now, ’tis the season to be thankful for what we have. I am thankful to each of you, my Facebook friends, my Twitter followers, the few who know me in real life and the even fewer who follow me on Tumblr.

I am tired. Tired of rumors. Tired of negativity. Tired of working. I brought my laptop home for 4 solid hours of work on top of 8 at the office.

No one seems to work on Fridays, but I had shit to do. And a newsletter that won’t go out until Monday, when all of the social events are today and tomorrow. FUCK.

I didn’t write a single word for NaNo yesterday. I didn’t even want to get out of bed today, knowing that I would have so much writing to catch up.

But I did get out of bed. I am going to write today. I am also going to work on Breaking All the Rules, because that’s my only hope of ever getting out of this nightmare.

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