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Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us

It’s Pride Month! We made it! Let’s all take a moment to thank the people whose protest made this month dedicated to all of us possible. We’re coming up to the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, June 28, 1969.


The caption is a good reminder for TERFS and the white supremacists among us. Pride is for everyone under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. If you think I say that because I’m part of the plus, you’re damn right. I belong at Pride, too, as my writing partner reminded me yesterday. ❤

I’m going this year. I’m going to reconnect with the people I missed last year. I’m going to go poor spending money on causes I love and support. That’s what Pride means to me.

Since I missed last week, here’s a little something J. Scott Coatsworth posted on his blog: I answered ten questions for his author spotlight. There’s some info about Spread Your Wings, a little bit about Shaw’s Cove for Breaking All the Rules, some of my crazy rituals (thanks, Sis!), and a teaser about future projects. Enjoy!

Oh, and since I also avoided mentioning the end of Game of Thrones, these memes say it all:

get it right
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