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November Updates: Covers, Links, and More!

Demon of Darkness is off to ARC readers! I'll be uploading it to Amazon later today and putting the finishing touches on the paperback cover request, and then I can say I'm done with this six book series! Not bad for a year's work.

Most updates for November have been to add the Demon of Darkness cover and updated blurb and all the link changes with new promotions. Check my links page periodically for new Bookfunnel promotions throughout December. I've also added all of my social media links. The implosion of Twitter makes it difficult to tell where I should post and when, but I'll never stop searching for my audience. You're out there somewhere! I will find you awesome folks!

Next month, I'll be updating the site with preorders for next year. I already have three drafts in the works. I have a lot planned for the next twelve months - stick around!

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