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October Updates: All Things Tree of Secrets

Yes, Tree of Secrets went live yesterday on Amazon, and I didn't add the cover to the book page until today. Paperbacks are delayed until Natasha Snow is back on her feet. A devastating fire knocked out her design business. If you'd like to help, there's a Go Fund Me. I'm one of three people who buys the paperbacks, and you two know who you are, so please bear with us for a few weeks to months. There will be paperbacks!

I also updated the Farbonnur Elves FAQs to include name pronunciations for Tree of Secrets and a timeline of events, in case you were wondering how old Davri is compared to Velden and Llawani, or when Abilwi ascended to the realm of souls, etc.

I've been trying to build my TikTok presence, so come on over and check it out if you haven't! I even sing (badly). Give me a follow if you want more like this. I might even show my face someday.

Upcoming in November:

The Demon of Darkness cover reveal will hit your Instagram feeds on November 5. I suppose it's no secret who's on the cover ... there's only one remaining and each cover elf has 2 covers. Still, it's one of my favorites. (Yes, they're all my favorites.) Are you ready for the Farbonnur Elves series to come to an end? I'm not - I cried when I finished this book. CRIED. It's a happy ending, I promise. I love my elf boys and all their friends so much.

I'm in a Bookfunnel promotion for new M/M Fantasy for November, and while our group is small, we are mighty! Please click this link to show me some love. If you're interested in YA fantasy, check out Rescue by Dani Hoots. If you're looking for something short, try Finding His Heart by Cassandra Joy.

I'll be adding another promotion in the middle of November for holiday books, including New Year Not You. If I work really hard and fast, I might even have a sequel out by the last week of December. Wish me luck!

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