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Oh Hi!

Hello there, friends and followers! It's been a long, unproductive month. Monday was technically still November. Still using NaNoWriMo as my excuse, even though I barely broke 20k, 14k on one project and 6k on another.

Worse, taking the month off from blogging means breaking my blogging habit. Which days do I blog, again? Oh, right, Mondays and Fridays, to go with my new COVID-19 schedule that isn't. I'll be working from home until mid-2021, which still seems 18 months away in my head but is really only six.

I thought I had momentum at the beginning of November, I really did. I need to stop tricking myself into waiting to write. "Wait until vacation," or during vacation, "Wait until tomorrow."

There is no tomorrow. I'm not going to be miraculously rich tomorrow, able to quit my day job and write full time. The only time is now. It's not easy to write during the week, but nothing worth it is easy. Besides, if writing were easy, everyone would do it.

On that note, I'm going to write at least 500 words today and every day until it's a habit again. Please send good vibes and feel free to ask if I've written 500 words yet today on Twitter or Facebook. Peer pressure never hurts.

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