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Oh, the Huge Manatee!

huge manatee

My new habit this month is to get enough sleep. It’s fucking hard, humans. I’m not even trying for eight hours. Eight is an impossible number during my week. I’m up at four. The sun’s still up at eight thirty. I’m aiming for seven hours and still failing most days.

I’m also trying to write a novella in two months. I could absolutely write a first draft in two months, but I also need to have it polished and ready to go to my editor. I wrote over 500 words Monday night, a huge success for a weeknight. And then I didn’t write the rest of the week. Not one word.

Spring has sprung, and so has everything that comes with it. Work projects and side-projects. Writing deadlines. Lawn maintenance. Household repairs. Doggo shenanigans. GAME OF THRONES, and the house-cleaning that needs to happen so our friends can come over without drowning in dog fur. AVENGERS ENDGAME – seriously, you want me to sit in a theater for three hours in a room packed with strangers? Kill me now. This weekend is our annual Pirates vs. Ninjas egg hunt, which means I will spend an uncharacteristic amount of time focusing on my appearance tomorrow when I should be writing.

All aspects of my life need attention. Instead of thriving, I’m barely surviving.

At least Lemur is keeping me sane and reminding me to laugh at myself every once in awhile. I still have faith in huge manatees, thanks to him.

faith in huge manatees

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