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Old Friends

The pandemic has thrown my Hollywood series into a jumble in my head - I knew little about Hollywood productions before the pandemic, and I really don't know what Hollywood will look like after. Medium to Well can still be a precursor to the pandemic, but the rest of the books will need to happen afterward. I'd thought about writing them as though the pandemic never happened, but after this first year and no signs of it going away, that doesn't make sense to me. If life would return to the way it was, that's one thing, but I have a feeling the disease and our response to it will have repercussions in Hollywood even a decade from now, just as HIV affected the porn industry in the 80's and some practices are still with us today.

Since Hollywood is on hold, I've been catching up with my old fantasy friends this week. I've returned to Farbonnur for the foreseeable future. A decade-long trunk rest is exactly what this series needed. I have seen the evils of humanity firsthand after the last four years. It's a little easier to write concrete villains now. They is us.

I also have a clearer picture of romance now. My first M/M romance isn't exactly romantic. There's a beautiful love story that builds over the course of the series, but they spend most of the time running away from blood mages and not much time figuring out what they mean to each other until they're locked in the Tower together in book 3. This is why I love rewriting - book 3 and everything after is what this series should be about. Now I can rewrite the first two books so it's not a total shock.

I hope you're as excited about this series as I am! It's been a long time coming, and it's only going to get better <3

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