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OMG It’s Wednesday!

I was all set to do Tuesday’s Top Ten, and then I realized: CRAP! It’s WEDNESDAY! Those national holidays get me every time.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

My week is flying, as dragons should. I’m in the process of editing Breaking All the Rules for my alphas. I’m going to alternate it with the elf fantasy for my betas. I’m going to try to post one chapter a week for each group.

Other updates…I’m reading Call of the Wild. I thought it a fitting tribute to my puppy. No, it should not take me two weeks to read this book, and for the third or fourth time, so I will make the effort to finish it tonight.

The mowing season has begun. Every six days. We have a neighbor who mows every other day, I swear. There are better ways to exercise. Walking. Biking. Sex.

This is the first summer in at least ten years that we aren’t playing sand volleyball. I miss it. I don’t miss how angry Lemur gets when we lose. On second thought, I don’t miss it that much. I definitely don’t miss this:

What are your summer plans? Or are you counting the days to Halloween?

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

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