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On Blogging

Last night's writing discussion has me thinking, why do I blog?

I started a blog in 2013. I'd gotten a new computer and I was full of creativity and ideas. I started on Blogspot. Then I moved to Wix, back to Blogspot, over to Wordpress, back to Wix. I tell myself, "Once upon a time, I had readers, but then I ditched them all."

I had haters, that's what I had, so I moved to avoid them. Now, I have zero readership.

Except whenever I post new content, I see an uptick in website views and blog post views. Never the new ones, always the same old blog I posted five or six years ago about celebrities who look like other celebrities. This is why people come to my blog? I should make that a weekly thing because I'm constantly confusing someone for someone else.

Daily convo in the chateau de Montreux:

Me: "Is that?"

Lemur: "No."

Me: "But I haven't said who yet."

Lemur: "Doesn't matter. No."

When I wanted to make the move to full-time author in 2016, I started blogging twice a week, thinking that would increase my audience. All the marketing books say you should post consistently, provide engaging content that isn't about your writing, blah, blah, blah. Except I didn't want to blog about work while I was working, and I don't blog about family because it's problematic, and I don't blog about my dogs because nobody wants to hear about today's adventures with poopcicles. So, here we are, talking about writing. Again.

I blog because now I'm too terrified to stop, and because once upon a time, my bestie said it was important. (He hasn't read one of my posts in ages. Yes, I'm posting this as a challenge. If I get a call saying, "I have too read your blog posts," I will retract that statement. Pretty sure I won't need to retract that statement, at least, not for several months. Watch this space ... all 3 of you.)

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