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One Clutter at a Time

No, that pile of notebooks doesn't bring me joy. The books on my shelves no longer bring me joy, either. I find myself keeping books given to me, even though I know I'll never read them. I won't read an entire book with reading glasses, not if I can help it. I love my Kindle because I can increase the font and pretend my vision is perfect (it is in my right eye, but the left, eh. -15 is a lot to correct for, even with Symfony lenses). I feel like I'm finally experiencing books the way I was meant to experience them all my life.

I'm looking forward to writing the way the gods intended, as well. All my life, I've been dreaming of a device that would convert my handwriting, a cross between a kindergartner's and a serial killer's, into text. I was certain no program out there could read my handwriting, especially since early scan-to-text programs failed so hard. Two positives: My handwriting improved after cataract surgery, and the biggest cause for my shitty writing is the mediocre pens I use. I broke down and purchased a tablet with a stylus. My days of getting gel ink all over my south paw are over.

I've been using my tablet for a week, and what I've realized is I need more distinction between a comma and a period. Other than that, it's been very on-point with letters. The connection between my brain and my words feels more intimate when I write by hand. I've already had improved word count. Now, if I could just make a comma a comma.

I'll save the nice notebooks I've been hoarding for a giveaway later this year. It's relevant for my New Year's book. Does anyone want my Unabridged Shakespeare?

I'm joking. There's no way I could part with the most excessive purchase of my college career. The other books, though. Garage sale?

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