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One Last Time

I know you’re busy.

I wanted to give you a word of warning.

I’m not returning to my extracurricular self-appointed and group-elected appointment next year.

I’m stepping down, I’m not running for president.

(Never gonna be president now – one less thing to worry about…)

Yes, I needed to get some Hamilton lyrics out of my system.

The crowning achievement of our year is over. PrideFest was a success.

Instead of running, screaming, from the rest of my term, I have two large and involved projects planned for this fall: Ally Week in September, and a speaking engagement in October.  I’m going to “Teach them how to say goodbye.”

I’m going to tell my story. I’m going to encourage other allies to rise up, to take an active part in making an accepting, diverse, and inclusive place. Stop talking the talk and walk the walk. I know ten people who sat at their desks when we hosted an out politician at our workplace last week. They say they’re allies, but when you ask them to walk down a few flights of stairs (or take the elevator) and listen for an hour, they don’t.

We need people to rise up. Attending or volunteering is one thing. Attending a meeting where you can learn about transgender issues is easy, especially with such engaging speakers. Attending a meeting with a guest from One Iowa, Iowa Safe Schools, or any of our city’s wonderful LGBTQ resources, is entertaining and educational.

If you don’t know what to say at our meetings, listen.  Believe me, we can fill an hour (or more) in engaging conversation about numerous topics. Listen until you know the issues and are able to make an intelligent contribution.

This fall, I’ll have my chance to convince the real allies to rise up, to make their voices heard over the rabble. This is my shot.

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