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It's really hard to stay optimistic when even the best of the best are struggling this year.

Here are ten optimistically funny memes about optimism:

10. Writing out my 2020 goals like:

9. Maybe it's just stunned/unconscious?

8. We can all be optimists when it's whiskey.

7. We can also be optimistic because Han said so:

6. There's optimist, pessimist, asshole, and plain fucking weird:

5. We all know someone like this. Maybe.

4. We also all know someone like this. At this point, it's probably me.

3. Also me, back in the day. What do you mean there are eight levels? What kind of bullshit is this?

2. Twenty minutes. That's all. Please?

1. Even if I'm naively ignorant, this is still the best outlook for life for me.

May you find a little joy in these fun memes. I hope they lifted your spirits a little. Finding them to share with you lifted my spirits. ^__^

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