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Perfect Book-Reading Weather

I should be writing and practicing a speech this weekend. It takes me a long time to get comfortable with my speeches, so best case, I write it tonight and practice it five or six times each weekend day.

I'd rather be reading. My Goodreads challenge now shows me a book behind instead of two books ahead. That's because I'm reading three books simultaneously and have yet to finish one. One of them is daily writing prompts for a year, so yeah, won't be finishing it any time soon. I hope to finish at least one (a healthy lifestyle book) this weekend so I can get back to reading something fun.

The weather is finally seasonal here in the Midwest, so I won't be tempted to do anything crazy outside. Snuggling up with the dogs and a good book sounds like the perfect weekend plan (when I'm not practicing my speech).

Need something to read? I'm taking part in two promotions this month with great free LGBTQ+ romance stories:

Happy reading!

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