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Pika Perfect!

I just signed a contract for Pika Perfect, a contemporary M/M romance set in Wyoming. I wrote it in a whirlwind of climate change research and snowfall last spring. While Paul and Blaze are not my first biracial couple, they were a ton of fun to write. I'm so grateful to MLR Press for giving me the opportunity to share them with you!

Paul Stone moved to Wyoming to get away from white people in general and journalists in particular. He’s not averse to social media, but he wants to spin his story his way.
Blaze Langdon is more than another pretty face on Instagram. He’s going to save the pikas one post at a time, melding his capstone project at the University of Wyoming with observing the little rodents in the wild. Except he has to find them first, and he needs a secluded spot where they don’t interact with people, unlike the hand-fed diva-pikas in Grand Tetons National Park.
When Blaze nearly tumbles over a concrete barricade and hurts his foot on Paul’s mountain, they both find more than they bargained for: easygoing companionship, shared social justice causes, and steaming-hot sex. A chance meeting could be what they both needed to find love in the real world, beyond Paul’s thriller novels and Blaze’s online followers.

This little guy is a pika. It's pronounced Py-ka, or "pie-ka," for the Dean Winchester fans.

Here's a video about Pikas and why they're so vulnerable to climate change:

I would be remiss if I didn't share this again. This is the video that sparked the plot bunny that became Pika Perfect: (Everything I write is a little bit Freddie)

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