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Poltergeists and Root Beer

We watched the remake of Poltergeist today. It wasn’t as terrible as everyone said, but if this is the modernized version, I want JoBeth Williams and Craig T. Nelson back.

I know they weren’t the Cleavers, but this new script…telling the little boy he’s the baby, asking if they should take him to a shrink…this is supposed to be modern? Maybe this is what’s wrong with kids today. Griffin came through for his family in the end, but it didn’t feel genuine. And their names…Kendra, Griffin, and Madison. It’s like the writers were watching late night reruns of The Girls Next Door, Family Guy, and Splash.

Why am I lying around watching movies instead of writing, you ask? I had a wonderful night with my new acquaintance, Best Damn Root Beer. Any alcohol that swears has to be good, right? At around 11:30 last night, I remembered alcohol is not my friend, and drinking three bottles in less than an hour WILL come back to bite me. I guess I didn’t learn anything from Poltergeist II, after all.

So yeah, I’m hung over, I’m pissed at myself, and I really wish I could take a leave of absence to write. Instead, I’m going to take a nap, level my D&D character, and get ready for another work week. I may even watch television…

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