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Our wedding anniversary doesn’t always fall so close to Mother’s Day weekend, but it did this year.

We went to see my mom yesterday, so Lemur and I could spend today playing Gears and doing laundry before we break open the bottle of Moet et Chandon and party like it’s 1999.

It seems like we’ve been married forever, and yet, it was just yesterday I met this sweet young man outside my dorm room for the first time.

I remember thinking, “Things will be easier when…” 

Easier when we graduate.

Easier when we have jobs. 

Easier when we buy a house. 

Easier when we pay off our loans. 

Easier when we have more time to do what we want.

Things do not get easier. You get better at some struggles, and then new ones appear. 

The best part of the journey has been tackling the struggles with my best friend, my partner in crime, my better, sweeter, more social half. Lemur is kind to everyone, even when they don’t deserve it. He is patient, thoughtful, and sweet. He is also death to video game Locusts and real-life chipmunks. 

The biggest fight we’ve ever had? I don’t even remember, but I bet it was game-related.

He’s everything I never knew I wanted.

So yes, I love my mom, and we had a great day together yesterday. 

Today and tomorrow are ours alone.


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