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I’m still working on the short story for Yaoicon’s 2016 anthology. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I like it. I’m still considering the sex scene. Vampire sex can be glorious (Eric Northman/anyone), or it can be sappy (Damon/Elena), so I’m working on making it glorious.

Which do you prefer? This:


I don’t have submission guidelines yet for the 2016 anthology, so I’m writing to last year’s guidelines. 7k words. There’s a lot of story to go along with the sexy-time. My only concern is that it’s too violent. In other words, my Roman vamp doesn’t sparkle, and he doesn’t eat rats.

I haven’t even written in my journal this week while I’ve been trying to get this done. No work on Breaking All the Rules, or Love Your Enemy. Today, my brain rebelled. I now have a plot fix for chapter 10 in Breaking All the Rules, and a better way to stay on task for the elf fantasy rewrite. It went a little overboard with unscheduled sexy-time, which was appropriate for book 5, but not so much for book 1. So, back to rewrites this afternoon.

As soon as I finish this (glorious sex scene) short story. 

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