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Procrasti-Nation, Bordered by De-Nile River.

Since I’m a lowly, unpublished writer, I have only self-imposed deadlines. I am learning the error of my ways by procrastinating past my self-imposed deadlines.

Remember all the things I said I would do this year?  I was going to read five books a month, for a total of 60. I’m sitting at 55 read right now. I have to read five books in eighteen days. Okay, so I can probably do that, especially if I read a few of the books I started but never finished. Christopher Moore’s The Stupidest Angel, I’m looking at you. Literally–I can see you from here.

Write book dissertations…I did two of those. They’re in a really cool three-subject notebook. Good thing I didn’t specify how many I would write. I also started a fan-fic-worthy rewrite of sex scenes notebook. All that shit that really annoys me about *some* sex scenes? Yeah, I rewrote them and took that shit out. (Don’t worry–if your scenes don’t use terms like, “the other man,” or refer to a particular part of the anatomy as a “rosebud,” or if you actually write sex scenes instead of fading to black, you’re safe.)

Which reminds me of THIS:

Pretty sure I will have at least 365 new vocabulary words this year, so yay! I haven’t entered them into One Note yet…boo.

I finished Breaking All the Rules, so there is that. For those of you who noticed that I missed the March 31 deadline, and finished in the middle of November…excellence takes time?

I have been blogging twice a week since my return from Yaoi Con, so that’s better than my original goal of once a week. Granted, there were months where I didn’t blog at all, but hey, the important part is that I’ve formed the habit now, and I’m not about to quit.

On the writing front, I haven’t touched my Ghost Light idea. I don’t know when I will. I like my pirate novel, but again, nowhere near the end yet. It’s outline time. I’m not a good pantser.

I think it goes without saying that I don’t journal every day. I bought a book that may help me with that in 2015: 365 Journal Writing Ideas. Hey, I couldn’t go wrong with that price. I haven’t opened it yet–I plan to open it on December 31, as I’m outlining my New Year’s Resolutions.

What are your goals for 2015?

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