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Pup Update

Not much has changed since my last blog. I am boring as fuck. Still editing. Still trying to make my debut contemporary novel into something people want to read.

Winter has returned. We have two inches of snow and slick roads, so I’ve been told we are not Pokestopping today. Hence, blogging before 10 a.m.

One high point of the week: Our fourteen-year-old lab/husky mix has been putting on weight. Hills changed the formula for their KD dry food, and he loves it. No more coaxing him to eat with carrots and bananas. No more coating random food bits with peanut butter.

He should be at forty-five pounds. At his worst last summer, he was around thirty. We could see his ribs through his thick coat – it was that bad. We haven’t weighed him recently, but I’d say he’s back around the 40 mark.

He has chronic kidney failure, something we perpetuated by what we fed him before. I had no idea he’d think a fucking carrot was the best treat in the whole world, so we’d been feeding him shitty Milk Bones. I still think Iams is good dog food, or we wouldn’t be here today. I only wish we’d have stopped sooner with the treats.

Give your pet a hug today. My dog hates hugs, but I give them, anyway. I also tell him to have a good day. The good still far outnumber the bad. We hope to have him with us for many, many more good days.

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