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Rebuilding Year

Lemur is a Detroit Lions fan. He's not old enough to remember when they actually won two football championships before there was a Super Bowl. I'm still recovering from last week's devastating blow from Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My Green Bay Packers will not be returning to the Super Bowl this year, either.

I'm grateful for sports during a pandemic, but I'm also grateful I'll have more time to write next Sunday. I won't need to hang on every down, staring at the screen, willing my team to win. I can watch as a spectator, not a fan (or choose not to, which is more likely the case). I'll probably take my writing laptop downstairs and rewind any "awesome" commercials Lemur thinks I need to see.

Sportsball isn't the only area rebuilding this year. I've received my rights back on my previously published works, Spread Your Wings, The King's Physician, and Pika Perfect. I'll be republishing once I complete revisions and have new covers. For now, the cupboard's looking a little bare. If not for the Working Stiffs paperback, I wouldn't have any listings on my Amazon author page.

This is not how I expected 2021 to go. Now it's up to me to make this a Green Bay rebuilding year instead of a Detroit rebuilding century (I have neither the time nor the money for that). To be completely honest, though, I'm taking notes from the Browns - I want this turn-around to be quick and complete, even if I never reach the Super Bowl. (What even would that be for M/M romance writers?)

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