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There’s so much good in my life today. My mom turned 71. A good friend came through top surgery for his gender reassignment just fine and lost 6.7 lbs in the process. My uncle is getting married, something we never thought he would do after my aunt passed away. These are all wonderful things, and I am thankful.

Unfortunately, I also received a basic rejection letter from my favorite (only?) publisher for the first novel in my fantasy series. That blows. But it’s also a learning experience. I wish I knew more, like, was it too long? was it too dark? is fantasy too hard to sell right now? was my submission too weak? did they even read it? I’ll never know. Granted, I could ask, but then I’ll seem like a whiny asshat.

I’ve learned so much from this fantasy series. I’ve grown as an artist, and as a person. Now, it’s time to concentrate on my new boys for the contemporary romance I’m writing. Maybe once I have a fan base, they’ll take a chance on the fantasy series.

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